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Increase productivity  

You have deadlines to meet, projects behind schedule, and a team of stressed, unhappy and unproductive colleagues. Your workers are rubbing their necks from hunching over projects and complaining of headaches and strained eyes from logging those late night hours. So your appreciation and improve productivity with Chair massage.

 Chair massage is performed in the workplace. Your employees will be seated upright on a special massage chair and will remain fully clothed. No oils are used, so there is no need for them to be concerned about stains on clothing. The session generally lasts from ten to twenty minutes. The chair is lightweight and portable, enabling it to be set up in virtually any office or break room.


For employees 

  1. Stress reduction- This is done by helping to clear the mind and body of adverse effects of stress and reducing the level of cortisol released in the body. 

  2. Increased blood circulation- This is done by dilate the blood vessels and widens the membrane pores. Allowing for more the blood to circulate throughout the body. This bring healing nutrients and oxygen to the muscles. It also assist in improving the immune system. Increased blood circulation helps to elevate pain and inflammation. 

  3.  Releases  endorphin- Massage helps aid in the release  serotonin, dopamine and Oxytocin. These endorphins aid in creating a better mood, easing pain, better sleep and helping to reduce tension headache

For employer ​

  1. Less absenteeism at work- By improving immune system and reducing effects of stress.

  2. Increased employee retention- Improving employee satisfaction.

  3. Greater company productivity- By releasing endorphins. These endorphins increase mood, motivation and creativity.



Draw a crowd

Want your next marketing event to be a big hit? Chair Massage Services draws prospects to your booth and makes sure they leave with a positive feeling about your company. Shake it up, make it count, at your next event. We add the spark & jazz to holiday parties, anniversaries, festivals and grand openings.​


  1. Increased traffic- people love massage

  2. Makes your event memorable- The release of endorphins aids in memory. Massage also reduces stress and creates a Positive emotion connected to your event. 




We offer Massage Parties for those who love massages, or those who are new to massage and would like a way to be introduced in a way that is comfortable, affordable and relaxing. We bring an massage chair to your event whether a Wedding Party, Ladies Night, or gatherings such as an Open House for your place of business.

In home Massage Parties can range from 6-10 people per massage therapist, offering relaxation and energizing massage.

We have a small team of Massage Therapists also available for larger parties of 15 people and more. It is recommended to have a free room available to setup our chair, which is much smaller than setting up a massage table. Massage table parties available upon request!


  1. Treats your guest

  2. Makes your party stand out

  3. Boosts energy

  4. Increases Circulation

  5. Reduces Muscle Tension and Pain

  6. Helps Prevent Repetitive-Stress Injuries

  7. Relaxes and Rejuvenates

  8. Reduces Stress

Corporate & Event Massage: Services

Price List


 1 Hour Event 

$100 Per Hour

2-3 Hour Event

$85 Per Hour

4-6 hour Event 

Parking fees will be added to locations when parking is not free or validated. All appointments include relaxation music and room aromatherapy.

Corporate & Event Massage: Price List
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